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Ian Stiglingh's blogs

By Ian Stiglingh on 19 May 2017
Brazil has fallen back into political turmoil after the new President was accused of bribery. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 18 May 2017
US markets plunged yesterday with the NADAQ Composite leading the decline, falling 2.6%. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 17 May 2017
Wall Street closed mixed yesterday, but futures are indicating that US markets will open lower this afternoon on increased risk aversion amidst political turmoil. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 16 May 2017
US markets rallied yesterday on higher oil prices with both the S&P500 and NASDAQ market indexes touching record highs. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 15 May 2017
Cyberattacks over the weekend has caused some panic as traders try to figure out which companies were affected and if there is more to come.
By Ian Stiglingh on 12 May 2017
The mining sector is rebounding following weeks of mute performance and in the process, is helping the UK market edge higher.