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Ian Stiglingh's blogs

By Ian Stiglingh on 20 September 2017
Wall Street ticked higher for yet another day ahead of the Fed’s monetary policy meeting today. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 19 September 2017
Wall Street climbed to fresh records yesterday with the Dow Jones Index clocking its fifth consecutive up day.
By Ian Stiglingh on 18 September 2017
UK markets declined on Friday, taking pressure from a stronger Pound. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 15 September 2017
UK markets fell yesterday and the Pound surged after Band of England Governor, Mark Carney, said that the central bank will raise rates earlier than expected.
By Ian Stiglingh on 14 September 2017
Wall Street continued its positive run yesterday with energy leading markets higher.
By Ian Stiglingh on 13 September 2017
Wall Street rallied to a record close yesterday, helped by strength in the retail sector.