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Ian Stiglingh's blogs

By Ian Stiglingh on 28 March 2017
US markets closed mostly lower yesterday with the Dow Jones clocking an eighth successive decline. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 27 March 2017
The US healthcare bill failed to even go to a vote on Friday after President Trump could not rally the votes needed to pass the bill in the lower house of congress. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 24 March 2017
Wall Street edged lower with the Dow Jones Index closing in the red for its sixth consecutive session. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 23 March 2017
Wall Street closed mostly higher yesterday as investors found opportunities in the technology sector after Tuesday’s sell-off. 
By Ian Stiglingh on 22 March 2017
Wall Street markets indexes had their worst day of the year yesterday.
By Ian Stiglingh on 20 March 2017
Wall Street closed lower on Friday on the back of weakness in the financial sector.