Investment Philosophy


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Compare our funds across a diverse range of characteristics and contact us today to help you grow your investment portfolio accordingly.

At Contego Asset Management, our investment philosophy can be summed up in one word - protection. Through a unique strategy developed and refined over years in the industry, our team of specialists is dedicated to not just growing, but protecting your assets, while protecting your financial future at the same time.

In order to assess, identify and deliver the investment opportunities best suited to your goals, we rely on a tried and tested formula of discipline, diligence, innovation and patience. Discipline, in managing funds with sound processes and strategies. Diligence, in conducting thorough research to deliver the consistent performance you deserve. Innovation, in exploiting mispricing opportunities in the market through our firm approach to risk management and our unique protection technique. And patience, in managing funds that perform in line with growth benchmarks, but at a significantly lower risk, ultimately delivering strong, inflation-beating returns for you over the long term.

In this way, we are able to help you grow your investment portfolio and protect you and your financial goals from any potential market volatility, while ultimately delivering something far more valuable than any asset could ever be - peace of mind.